3 Common Mistakes in Email Marketing

Improve your email marketing ROI by as much as 300% by avoiding these 3 common mistakes
Having been assisting clients with outbound email campaigns and the supply of data for the past five years I have been privy to see exactly what works and what doesn’t when carrying out email campaigns. Below is an overview of the top 3 mistakes I see made by clients when carrying out an email campaign.

The Sales Pitch Ditch

You probably wondering what is the ‘sales pitch ditch’. It is the worst of the worst sales pitch mistakes that are doomed to fail before they even start. The sales rep that wanders in to a prospective client completely unprepared, the telesales agent that tries to sell their product to a competitor, the sales executive that doesn’t listen to their prospect or the marketing person that has no idea about marketing.

Growing Sales

I was chatting with a client a few weeks back and he was telling me how he was struggling to generate new leads and sales. His particular industry had been quite depressed overall with activity fairly quiet. I got to asking a few probing questions and, before suggesting any new avenues to take, I asked what existing communication channels he had in place for his existing clients and leads. After some excuses and explanations the answer was ‘None’.

Sales and marketing what works best?

In my line of work, I have been involved in assisting hundreds of clients in different industries carrying out business-to-business sales and marketing activities through a variety of techniques and communication channels and this gives me a unique perspective on what actually generates the best results.