About Our Database

Our main business database consists of both general company records where we have contact details of companies including tel, fax, email, address, classification etc, as well as person specific records linked to a specific contact person and their job title.

We have created a number of indexes and indicators that enable us to quickly slice and dice data to provide our clients with very targeted data lists which have the best chance of generating results.

Below is a quick snapshot of some of the fields available:

key table

We also have a general email database consisting of just over 14 million unique emails, of which 7 million are confirmed active. We are able to segment this database across various fields such as broad industry, specific business classification etc.

We actively manage our database on a daily basis adding, updating and removing records where necessary. All data is run through various checks before being added to remove human error as far as possible. The database is housed in a sql environment, where our dedicated technicians and programmers actively manage the data along with creating additional applications to constantly improve the quality and level of detail held.